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Diabetes: Complications

No matter whether someone has type 1, type 2, gestational or another form of diabetes: Too high blood sugar levels can, over the long-term, damage small and large blood vessels – and this has an impact on various organs. Cardiovascular diseases, kidney, eye and nerve damage and diabetic foot syndrome are all especially common.

But also other diseases such as cancer or neurological diseases can go hand-in-hand with diabetes – as they are based on similar biological mechanisms.

However, there are many ways to strengthen your own health and avoiding complications. It is important to keep blood glucose levels in the optimal range and to reduce severe fluctuations. Determine your individual treatment goals with your diabetes specialist and discuss how to reach them.

Regardless of what form of diabetes you have, a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet contributes to health in general. Preventive examinations (check-ups) should be attended in order to detect and treat diseases as early as possible. There is a lot you can do yourself to stay healthy.

The background articles listed below have further information on the complications of diabetes.