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Type 2 diabetes in everyday life

Type 2 diabetes influences daily life to a certain extent – the more advanced the disease and the more comprehensive the therapy, the more diabetes plays a role in everyday life. Changing your diet or daily exercise can also be very engaging and, at first glance, may appear too much to manage. 

If you have to take tablets to lower your blood glucose or have to inject insulin, this often involves a major impact on daily life. Diabetes then requires a lot of attention. In some jobs this can be a problem. Pregnancy with pre-existing type 2 diabetes should be planned with expert advice. Another challenge in living with type 2 diabetes is when patients are no longer able to manage their own care in older age and rely on others for help. There is also a lot to consider in the hospital.

The background articles on daily life with type 2 diabetes provide tips and advice on how to integrate the disease into everyday life.