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Type 1 diabetes: Treatment

Type 1 diabetes still cannot be cured. However, there are now various treatment options for people with diabetes. Not only technology, but also insulins have been enhanced in the last few years and made accessible for treatment.

People with type 1 diabetes have to regularly measure their blood glucose and then inject insulin accordingly. This is the only way to keep the blood glucose level in the optimal range.

A measuring device and a drop of blood is not the only way to measure blood glucose. Nowadays, continuous blood glucose monitors (CGM for short) allow treatment to be much more precise. Here a sensor in the skin shows the glucose levels in the tissue without gaps.

To cover the insulin requirements, there are several options available: injection, pen or insulin pump. There are also various types of insulin available, which have different effects and can be used individually.

A relatively new development in the treatment of type 1 diabetes is the hybrid closed loop system. Here, a CGM sensor measures the glucose content in the tissue, while an algorithm keeps an eye on the development and the insulin is automatically dispensed by an insulin pump. 

The treatment of type 1 diabetes requires a lot of patient attention. Even small mistakes can lead to dangerous hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Patients also have to learn to handle injections and other processes. Patients are taught what they need to know in patient training.

The background articles below have further information on the treatment of type 1 diabetes.